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It is February 2010 at this writing and the US Congress is grappling with writing a Green Energy law that may or may not embody a Cap and Trade provision or some other provision that allows companies to trade or sell credits based on their CO2e (Carbon Dioxide Equivalent) emission reduction.

The basic idea in all of these possible schemes is that if one company can reduce its carbon emissions faster, more easily and/or more cheaply than another company, then it makes the reduction to well below the Cap and gets an emission credit for doing so which it then can sell to the company that exceeds its Cap (has a debit) on emission and the average of the two company's emission is below the Cap (maximum allowable emission) which satisfies the goal set by the protocol until the next lower cap is set under the protocol and the trading begins again.

If you owned a 1000 T/D VRADİ MSW Plant and were located in one of the 27European countries that signed the Kyoto Treaty and is abiding by the Kyoto Protocol, under the EU ETS (European Union Emission Trading Scheme) you would be earning 28.9 Green Tags (Renewable Energy Certificates) per year and you would be reducing CO2 by 61,192.25 tonnes (metric tons) per year which at the price of one of the trades we have seen lately would sell for US$1,223,845.00, a nice little profit to put on the balance sheet for a year’s operation of your Green Process. VRADİ is the only BioMethane Plant Process on the market today that qualifies for Carbon Credits. VRADİ is the only BioMass process in the world today that sequesters all of the CO2generated in the process.

You can learn a lot more about Carbon Emission Trading by going to Google.